So got some new choons up and playing. Some good, some bad. But overall very happy :)

Christmas Awesomness

2008-12-18 13:25:40 by Archangel-Briggs

Well looks as if it's that crazy time of year again. Here's my Christmas equation :

Free Time + (Food/Illness) + Cold - Family x Presents - TV = Christmas


Oh yeah, more music hopefully, most likely loops of upcoming songs.

Yours as always Briggsingtonvilliousion

As the post states, I have been having free time to develope music creation techniques. Hopefully with the upload of my last song states, a different direction is in progress in terms of my music.

Hopefully this direction actually gives me more music talent from the little I have, but only time will tell.

New songs uploaded soon


Back on the block!

2008-02-25 14:49:38 by Archangel-Briggs

Finally back with a couple of new tunes, firstly a little loop to wet the appetite, I hope it gives you the satifaction that it gave me while making it. I have developed a full version of it, but trying to stop it sounding so repetitive.

Check out more music from me in the very near future.


Big Thanks

2007-10-26 18:22:51 by Archangel-Briggs

Big thanks to those who have reviewed my music, and also a big thanks to those who have listened and downloaded the songs.

Please feel free to review and or comment on them, so I can improve.


New Song

2007-10-13 20:25:33 by Archangel-Briggs

New song up! Hope you enjoy. Please leave a review or a comment. I do have another song ready to go, but I'll put space between uploading them.


2007-08-30 07:10:42 by Archangel-Briggs

I'm still working on new material, so I will keep uploading oldies when I get the time... like now :)

Hope you enjoy them.

New Loop

2007-07-25 09:17:23 by Archangel-Briggs

Its been awhile since I made new music, so I created a new loop for all to hear, hope yall like it.

Also I will be adding other old songs as I go...